New Orleans, LA

So, Stacey and I are in New Orleans this weekend because Stacey is presenting a poster at a sociology conference as a requirement for her PhD program.

While here, were able to drive around and see how things are progressing after the Katrina storm.  I was quite surprised to see so much progress, but sadden by the fact that there are a lot of homes that are sealed off; private and public housing.

Like most sociologists, my wife immediately went to the discussions of social issues; :-).  I agree that there are much larger issues that need to be dealt with and hopefully the government help meet the pending needs.

We visited the French Quarters, Bourbon Street, the French Market, and several other local attractions.  From a person born and raised in a big city; Washington DC, I like to visit and don’t want to live there!  All in all, NO was a nice place to visit.


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