Gotta Love Journalists…

You decide….how in the world did Andrea Matthews get the information in this article from the questions that I answered!

I love it when journalists twist your words to work for their agendas.

See the article online that was published and read the questions and answers below…then you decide!

From: Andrea Matthews []
Sent: Tuesday, March 03, 2009 3:37 PM
To: Nate Tucker
Subject: Lee Clarion

Dear Mr. Nate Tucker,

Thank you so much for helping me out with these questions. 

Web Advisor:
1. It has been two years now, how are we doing?
We are doing well and have a few additional items to activate to make it easier for Lee to communicate with students and employees.  The performance for WebAdvisor has been tweaked and we will continue to monitor this and make adjustments as needed.

2. Do most people give good feedback?
We usually receive good feedback about WebAdvisor.  I think that it has taken a while for folks to get used to the software.  The criticisms that we have received has been constructive and reasonable.  We want to continue to receive feedback about the software.

3. Does Web Advisor do everything Lee wants it to?
WebAdvisor in conjunction with Portico, our in-house developed application, meets the majority of the needs of the Lee community.  There are still a few items that we haven’t activated for prospects and alumni.  We will continue to implement these services over the next couple of years to enhance the interactions between Lee and its constituents.  Datatel Inc., the vendor we purchased the software from, continues to make improvements and pass those along to Lee through our maintenance agreements.

4. What are some things Lee is doing to make things run more smoothly?
In addition to upgrading some hardware components to accommodate the high use, we have implemented a monthly maintenance schedule that occurs on the 3rd Sunday from 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM.  This maintenance windows allows us to install all patches/fixes for software related issues from the previous month that have been resolved by Datatel, Inc. and submitted to the general public.

5. What are some thoughts on Web Advisor?
Datatel, Inc. has a little over 750 installations across the United States and Canada.  It is an evolving product that was developed to meet the general needs of higher education institutions.  It is the web front-end to a powerful application used to meet the needs of institutions in the areas of student records and registration, advising, finance, accounts receivables, human resources and payroll, financial aid, admissions.

6. Are there any things students can do to make WebAdvisor meet their needs better?
Because the software is still fairly new, students should spend some time browsing the application to become more familiar with its functionality.

7. How does it compare to Lee Central?
Although Lee Central was simplistic and familiar, it doesn’t compare to WebAdvisor’s capabilities because technology improvements were limited for Lee Central.  Also, Lee Central was a custom developed application that was developed specifically for Lee that ran on older technology that is no longer an option for delivering the high level of service that we expect to provide via our online offerings.  Again, WebAdvisor has over 750 installations and will be developed with the industry technology advances in mind!

8. A lot of students say that Lee Central was more user friendly, why the switch and why is Web Advisor not more user friendly?
WebAdvisor is different from Lee Central and students will appreciate the additional services that WebAdvisor offers once they get used to it. 


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