Seasonal Allergies; A Thing of the Past

I have been living in Cleveland TN since 1990 and have always struggled with seasonal allergies during the spring time.   I didn’t know it at the time, but this area of the country is known for its high pollen count.  I had allergy issues in Washington, DC, but they weren’t as bad; a little over the counter allergy medicine helped quite a bit.

About three years ago with the advice of a colleague and friend (Gary Ray), I started taking some local Bee Pollen made in Athens, TN.  I created a cycle that started between late January and early February.  I took about 1 tablespoon a day until the beginning of May.  For the last three years, I have found that I didn’t have the issues with allergies any more.  In addition, I didn’t have to deal with feeling “groggy” from the allergy medicine and actually more energetic from taking the all natural local Bee Pollen.   This past year, I suggested the Bee Pollen to a colleague (Mitzi Thornburg Mew) and she had the same experience.

I am writing this to encourage people to try it out.  I only have to buy one bottle of the all natural local Bee Pollen for the year which costs around $20.  Of course, I would recommend that you let your physician know first.

Good luck and let me know your results after the upcoming allergy season.


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