Facebook Usage for Communicating vs In Person

I’ve been using Facebook for a while now and have noticed too many people using it to communicate messages with underlining meanings. Why is that? Why can’t people just say what’s on their minds in person so that it can be clearly communicated? If everyone resorted to this type of activity, there would a huge lack of understanding of intentions. This already evident without this kind of activity.

I applaud those that have reserved social media for connecting with family and friends and have not bought into the negative usage. If you have used the social media outlet for negative purposes instead of “manning” up to addressing issues in person, you can make a fresh start now.

I give a journal article assignment in my computer intro class and the students always comment on the negative uses as one of their major concerns. I guess this is fresh on my mind since I have been doing some grading and I wanted to challenge everyone to use social media for it’s intended purposes.


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