Must Haves Before Lilly

There is a list of things that Stacey and I have used to survive the first child season. Those items are:

  • Gripe Water from Mommy’s Bliss for gas and tummy aches
  • Dreft to wash clothes
  • Hand Sanitizer to use personally and for those that are visiting; we want Lilly to like people just like Layla does

Other things that have to get done before Lilly arrives:

  • Pack bags for hospital a lot sooner so that we are ready if there is an early arrival
  • Painting of Layla’s new room so that her current room will be available for Lilly
  • Purchase a bedroom chest drawer
  • Purchase a front to back double stroller that supports a baby carrier/car seat

This was a life saver for Layla and we will use again for Lilly. Mylicon didn’t work well for her; it was a waste of money.



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