Teaching Organizational Behavior/Human Resources

During the month of July, I began teaching Organizational Behavior/Human Resources as a last minute fill-in. The students were attentive and interested/participated in the daily discussions which led to a strong liking of the subject material for all of those involved.

I am teaching the class this fall and have already been reminded about how Lee University is such a great place to work and study. Last week, we discussed Emotions and Moods in the workplace and how managers should/should not respond to them. Somehow, the interaction led to one of a spiritual tone. I was pleased with the outcome of discussions. It was nice to see that everyone didn’t agree and had their own opinions and respected those of others. Again, a sense of thankfulness overcame me as this conversation would not have happened at the majority of other institutions.

When it was all said and done, we agreed that emotions and moods are integral to the success of an organization and cannot succeed without them. They are some of the key ingredients that make up who we are and as a manager, we must find a balance between showing positive and negative emotions while we in turn deal with the variety of emotions and moods from our peers and subordinates.

I am looking forward to the final project for this class as the students in teams of 5 will demonstrate a topic from the material in a 5-7 minute video. Stay tuned!


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