Cleveland Mosaic Center

Building Community through Diversity Building Community through Diversity 

The Ocoee Regional Multicultural Service (ORMS) operates the Mosaic Center  which is located in Cleveland, Tennessee. Cleveland is currently the home to immigrants from 62 different countries around the world. With the growth of diversity within our area, legal immigrants must have easy access to a broad array of high-quality and highly effective workforce development services.

Immigrants today, just as in the past, have much to contribute to the culture and economics of the United States, and it is our goal to provide them the support they need to fulfill their potential, and the potential of this, their adopted country.

Ocoee Region Multicultural Services (ORMS) is an organization dedicated to promoting community awareness and the harmonious acceptance of ethnic and cultural diversity among its citizens. We work to provide the means and the tools necessary to build an empowered community that will embrace and utilize its own diversity. Our most recent initiative is the creation of a Mosaic Center, which is a place where new immigrants can come together to discuss common concerns and connect to the broader community.  In addition, we train interpreters in several languages and promote cultural literacy through various workshops and programs.  Through a three year partnership with the Healthy Students and Safe Schools Initiative, we have focused directly on language support and translation services for all of the schools in Cleveland City and Bradley County. Many other educational opportunities are available in the coming months.

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