Is iOS7 really taking us back to the future?


As is the case with most things Apple, last week’s iOS7 launch led to polarizing reactions from the tech world at large – and whether you loved the new operating system to bits or hated its guts, you will likely find it hard to ignore all the ado. Apart from the fact that it was launched by Apple in their widely-followed annual Worldwide Developer Conference week; the key reason behind all the negative / positive hullabaloo is that this is not just any visual revamp – this is an intentional, and paradigm shift in design philosophymade by a company that is synonymous with great design and one that can rightfully be referred to as a pioneer that introduced aesthetics to the world of technology.

I do believe that Apple introduced the concept of design to everybody from the top to the bottom of the value chain in technology. Apple…

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Teaching Systems Analysis & Design

This Spring, I’m teaching Systems Analysis & Design and I love it.  My theme for the class has been “communicate” and “stick to the process.”  I think the students get it because now, they say it before I get a chance too.  We discuss the Systems Development Life Cycle and what/how you should operate within in order to, as Craig Gray would say, create order out of chaos.

I received a call last night from a former student that took this class and he is now living in Nashville, TN.  He called to give me an update on the transition from student to professional.  Things are going great and he is “knee deep” in training and acquiring new skills for this new culture in which he will definitely thrive.  He thanked me for investing time into his college career and asked that I don’t stop teaching what I’m teaching.  That my friend, makes it worth it!

Here’s a playlist from my YouTube channel that includes some videos on from various sources on the site.

Teaching Project Management

This semester, I’m teaching project management and it serves as a reminder of the things that I should be doing and the adjustments that I need to make in my management role.

The students are attentive and engaged in the conversations which makes for a truly successful semester.  I know that its too early to mention that, but I like this class and appreciate how most of them are approaching the subject.  I believe that many will transition into their careers and use the concepts that we’re discussing.  I’m anxiously waiting to hear about the scores they receive from the certification test that a few will attempt at the end of the semester.

Happy about this class!